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What’s With
If you have been in Hutto for any period of time, the question “what’s with all the Hippos?” has probably crossed your mind  Hutto ISD is the only school in the nation with a mascot of the Hippo  As such, it has become a tradition and an identifying trademark for the whole city  The legend of the Hippo and the Hippo mascot is a source of great pride for the community  This can be seen throughout the town, where unique and identi able Hippos are found in front of businesses, city o ces, and even private homes  It is a rare street where there is not at
least one Hippo in residence  Hippos can be purchased from the Hutto Chamber of Commerce 
The Legend of The hippo
The story goes, in 1915, a circus train stopped in Hutto to take on passengers, attend to business, and refuel the
steam locomotive. During this stop,
the circus workers were attending to
the care of the animals. It was during
this time that the Circus’ hippopotamus escaped and made its way to Cottonwood Creek, promptly settling into the muddy waters that so closely resembled a hippo’s natural habitat. This caused great panic for the circus workers, as the animal would not budge, but it was great entertainment for the locals, as they watched
on in amusement. It is said that the Depot Agent, Hal Farley, Jr., telegraphed the neighboring towns of Taylor and Round Rock, “Stop trains. Hippo loose in Hutto”. After much effort, the hippo was prodded from the mud and was reloaded back onto the train car. Soon afterward, the Hutto School adopted the hippopotamus as its mascot, and, as early as 1923, the hippo appeared on of cial Hutto High School graduation announcements.
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