Kerrville Area
C of C

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Technical sophistication is lacking in using this index so the user will need to use some good old-fashioned map reading skills. Just as you would look up a name on a printed map index, and then reference it on the printed map itself, you'll do the same here. I've made it a bit easier to navigate through the index by placing hot buttons at each alphabetical break. Clicking on NUMBERED STREETS will always bring you back to the beginning.

Once you have found the street name you are looking for, make note of the index grid. Then, click on the STREET MAP button above left. Find the grid coordinate on the locator map and click in that grid. That will take you to that map segment. Finding the street should be relatively simple as I've broken them down into four grid square segments.

1st E-3
2nd D-3
3rd D-3
4th D-3
5th D-3
6th D-3
7th D-3

A St H-13
Aaron Dr F-14
Aaron Dr N-3
Ace Ranch Rd O-16
Ace Reid A-13
Acorn C-5
Acorn Alley B-18
Acorn Bl K-13
Adams B-13
Adkins Rd M-2
Agarita St K-15
Ahrens Rd C-18
Airport Loop H-4
Airport Ridge D-18
Al Mooney Rd H-4
Alamo Dr J-15
Alice St E-10
Alpine Dr E-15
Alta Loma E-3
Alto K-12
Alumni Dr J13-K13
Alvin Dr K-11
Ann J-2
Antelope Tr L13-14
Antler Dr F-13
Apache Dr A-16
Appaloosa D-5
Aransas St H-13
Arcadia Loop E7-F8
Argo C-5
Arizona Ash L-14
Arkansas C-2
Arrow Av J-14
Arroyo F-10
Arroyo Tr A-7
Ash C-5
Ashley M-13
Aspen C-4
Aspen E-10
Athens Av E-9
Augusta Circle M-13
Aurora Dr M-14
Austin E-3
Avery Rd B11-12

B St J-13
Ball Dr K-10
Bamoral Dr F-13
Bandera Hwy J12-O15, G2-K3
Barbara Ann St H-14
Barker St L-14
Barnett St G12-H13
Barnett St, W G-12
Barry St F-12
Bear Creek Rd E7-G5
Bear Run H-5
Bearskin Tr M-6
Beaver Rd F3-4
Beech St L15-M15
Begonia St F-14
Belair M-9
Bell C-7
Benson Dr E13-15
Bent Oak D-1
Bent Oak Ln L-12
Bessie Ln M-6
Birch E-5
Birdie Mae D-3
Birdo J-2
Birkdale Ln L-13
Birkdale Spur L-14
Black Jack Alley A-17
Blacksmith Ln E-7
Blair C-7
Blanks St F-12
Bluebell Rd F-11
Blue Ridge Dr E-6
Blue Sage Loop A17-18
Bluebonnet Dr F11-12
Bluff Ridge Dr D-9
Bluff View Cir C-18
Bob White Dr F-10
Bobby's Ln J-8
Boot Hill Rd G-7
Bordeaux Dr D-10
Bow Ln J-14
Bowie Dr A-12
Box Elder Dr L-14
Boyington Ln L-14
Braden Cir J-2
Braeburn Cir M-13
Brennen C-7
Brian Dr F-14
Briarwood Ln E4-5
Bridle Path J-14
Brinda D-8
Broadway H-13
Bruno's Curve F-9
Buckboard D-5
Buck Creek Ridge D-18
Buena Vista Dr J-12
Buffalo Dr L-9
Bullard Dr M-3
Bulwer Av G13-H13
Burleson Blvd K-L14
Burnet A-12
Burney Ln H3-J3
Burney Ln, S H2-J3

C St J-13
Cade Loop F-1
Calcote Rd M9-N8
Calle de Robles L-14
Camelot Dr F-11
Camino Real L3-N4
Camp Meetiing Rd L-12
Campus, E K13-14
Campus, S K-14
Candice Dr E-9
Candlelite C5-D5
Canter Ln F-8
Canterbury M-13
Canyon L14-15
Canyon Creek Ln L12-13
Canyon Rd N-1
Canyon View C-17
Canyon View D-14
Cardiff G-3
Cardinal Dr E-11
Caribou Ln E-8
Carmichael St L-15
Carol Ann St H-14
Carolyn D3-E3
Cartuck St M-15
Caruthers G-10
Castlepines Dr M12-M13
Catalina Ct K9-10
Cattail Creek D-5
Cedar E-5
Cedar Dr E-4
Cedar Dr, E E-8
Cedar Dr, W E-8
Cedar Knoll B-14
Cedar Mill E-6
Cedar Ridge B-17
Cedar Springs E-1
Cedar St E-10
Cedar Way O-16
Cedar Wood Rd A15-B14
Cedar Wood Spur B-14
Center Av G-11
Center Point River Rd K4-5
Chalet Circle D-10
Chalet Tr F-15
Chaparral Dr J-12
Chapman Dr K-12
Charles Rd D-17
Charles St G-13
Chateau Ln E-9
Cherry Ln F-9
Cherry Ridge Rd N5-O6
Cherry Way N-16
Childs E-2
Chin Oak D-1

Chole Ln E-4
Chosen Spot E-3
Christian L-8
Chula Vista J-12
Circle Av F11-G11
City South J-12
Clairmont Dr E-10
Clara L-14
Clark D-2
Claudette D-3
Clay St G13-H12
Clear Springs M-9
Clearwater Paseo K-14
Cobbler Alley E-7
Codrington Dr L4-5, N-9
Cody Ct K-12
Colbath E-7
Coleman St G-12
College D-3
College H-13
Colonial Ln F-10
Colt D-4 Colvin E-2
Comanche Spur A-16
Comanche Trace Dr G1-G2,
Commerce St F-10
Concho Dr H-11
Connally A-11
Contour Dr K-11
Cooper D-3
Cordoba Dr D-10
Coronado Cir E-9
Coronado Dr D10-E9, F-9
Corral Tr B-7
Cottage St G11-12
Cotton Gin D6-E6
Country Club Dr G-13
Country Ln C6-7
Covey Ln J-2
Cox St G-11
Coyote Ridge D-5
Crawford F-14
Creek Run E-12
Creekside Dr E-9
Creekwood Rd N-17
Crescent Dr E11-F11
Crest Ridge Dr D9-E9
Crestwood Dr E-9
Crider St E-14
Crockett Dr A-12
Crown Ridge Dr F-16
Cub Ln K5-K6
Culberson Av F-11
Cully Dr H11-12
Cummings Ln E-6
Cydney J-2
Cynthia Dr F-9
Cypress Creek Rd G14-16
Cypress Dr F-5
Cypress Falls Rd E-4
Cypress St F-11
D St J-13
Danielle Dr H-14
Davis St, E G-12
Davis St, W G-12
Dawn L-7
Dean Dr F13-14
Deer Haven B11-12
Deer Hill D-3
Deer Park Ln M6-O7
Deer Tr H14-J14
Deerfield N-6
Deerwood Dr K-13
Degrasse Dr F-13
Demasc Dr N-3
Dena Dr L14-M14
Denise Dr M-10
Denton Hollow O-2
Deuteronomy Dr J-16
Diana J-2
Dietert Dr, E K-13
Dietert Dr, W K-13
Donna E-3
Donna Dr L10-M11
Donna Kay Dr G14-H14
Doris Dr D9-E8
Douglas Dr K-11
Dover G-3
Dowdy E-2
Drummond Dr A15-B15
Duffy Dr L-6
Dugan E-14

E St J-13
Earl Dr K-11
Earl Garrett St G13-H12
East Lane D10-E10
East Ridgeway L-10
Easy St E-14
Echo D-5
Eddins E-2
Edinburg Dr F-13
Editha G-9
Eggars Ln F-6
Elm Ridge E-11
Elm St G-11
Elm Way G-3, O-16
Elmo E-5
Elmwood E-10
Encino Dr L10-M11
Encino Loop A-18
Enderle Ct H-13
Englewood Cir L-13
Englewood Dr L12-13
Erin Dr E-9
Ernest L-14
Estates Dr N6-O6
Everett St H-14, J-13
F St J-13
Fairview F-11
Fairway Dr K12-L13
Falcon C4-5
Fallow Dr E-8
Fannin Dr A-12
Fawn Dale Ln H-3
Fawn Dr F-13
Fawn Run H-3
Fawnridge Tr L-11
Fawnvalley Ln L-11
Fay Dr F-11
Felix Dr N-4
Fifer St G-12
Fifth St H-14
First St H13-14
Fitch F-13
Florence St G-11
Floridian F-13
Foothills Dr D9-10
Ford St G-14, H-13
Forest Cir J-2
Forest Hill Ln D-4
Forest Ridge Dr E-9
Forney Rd C6-C7
Four Bears Tr L6-M6
Fourth St H-14
Fowler E-2
Fox Tr C-4
Francisco Lemos St G-12
Frederick Dr L-11
Fredericksburg Rd D16-E15
Friar Tuck M-7, O-12
Front Av H-3
Fuller St K-14
Furr Rd D-6

G St J12-13
G St W. J-12
Gabe Dr L-5
Galbraith Av F11-G11
Gallup Trail F7-G8
Garden St H-13
Genesis M-7
George Ct G-13
George Muck Dr K11-L11
George St G-13
Gibson Dr N-3
Gilmer St H13-14
Glen Oaks Dr K-12
Glen Rd D9-E10
Glen Shadows L-11
Glenn Oak D-1
Glenview D-9
Gloucester Ct F-13
Gloucester Pt F-13
Goat Creek Cutoff Rd C6-E5
Goat Creek Road A6-F9
Golden Valley M-7
Golf St G13-14
Goss L-15
Grace Ln F-10
Grady Ln H-2
Granada Dr E-9
Green Meadow K12-L12
Greenbriar M-13
Greenleaf N6-O6
Greentree Ln M-12
Greenwood Dr D-5
Greymoss C4-5
Guadalupe St G10-11

H St J-13
Hans G-9
Hackberry G-11
Hamilton St G11-12
Hancock Dr E-11
Harmon Way D-13
Hammond Dr K-14
Harold St D-6
Harper Road A11-F10
Harper St F11-12
Harris Ln J-7
Hartshorn Dr B11-B12
Harville Rd N-3
Hays St H-12
Heather Ct L-9
Heep Ln K-2
Heidi Ln L-9
Herzog St G12-H12
Hi Wood Ln F-8
Hiawatha Dr H-14
Hickory Hills M-13
Hidden Acres Ln N-10
Hidden Canyon D-18
Hidden Hollow K-10
Hidden Valley M-3, O-7
Hideaway Park C-1
High Point Dr B5-B6
Highlands L13-M13
Highridge Ct K-12
Highridge Dr K12-13
Highway E-3
Hill Country Dr H12-O12
Hillcrest Av G-13
Hillside D-3
Hillside Dr D-10
Hilltop D-3
Hilltop Dr G-2, N-16
Hilltop Rd E-11
Holdsworth Dr G-13
Holloman Rd A7-B6
Holly Hill Dr D-4
Holly Hill Ln D-4
Homer Rd D-6
Homestead E-8
Honeycomb Ln B15-C15
Honor M-7
Hoof Beat Tr N3-4
Horizon Blvd K8-J9
Horse Collar D-18
Horseshoe Ridge H-6
Hugo G-11
Hummingbird E-3
Hummingbird Ln E10-F10
Hunt L-14
Hunters Point Rd B-6
Hunters Way L-11
Indian Bluff Dr C-18
Indian Creek Loop C18-D18 Indian Creek Rd F-2
Indian Head L-4, N-8
Indian Hills M-5, O-9
Indian Lake Dr D-18
Indian Oaks O-9, L-4
Indian Springs Rd C-18
Indian Tr H14-J14
Industrial Dr D-6
Ingram City Park E-3
Ingram East E-4
Ingram Hills C3-D3
Ingram Loop E-2
Irene G-9 Ivy Ln K-15

Jack Dr E10-F10
JacobŐs Ladder J16-K15
Jackson Rd E10-F11
Jackson Road E-10
James Rd G-9
Jasper Ln K-15
Jefferson St G12-J13
Jefferson St, W G-11
Jeffery Scott Rd J-2
Jerimiah Dr J-16
Jessica J-2
Johnny Hill E-6
Johnson Dr H5-J5
Jonas Dr E13-14
Josephine D-3
Josephine St G-11
Joshua J-2
Junction Hwy E4-G11
Juniper F-9

Kathleen Ln J-2
Katy Ln L-5, N-9
Kelly Ln N6-7
Kensington Rd G3-4
Kenwood Cir L-13
Kerr Country H12-J12
Kerrville Country Dr C13-D13
Kerrville South Dr L4-M4, N8-O9
Keune C-4
Kimberly E-6
Kings Ct N-3
Kings Way, The J15-16
Knapp Rd F-9, F-10
Kodiak Tr L6-M6
La Casa Dr J-12
Lacey Oak Pkwy B-18
Lafayette Rd E-5
Laguna Vista Pt D-18
Lake Dr E11-F12
Lake Ridge Rd C17-D17
Lake Ridge Rd D-18
Lake View L-11
Lakeview Circle D-18
Lake Way L10-11
Lakeside D-18
Lakewood L13-M13
Lamar St H-13
Lammers St M-13
Landfill Rd K-15
Landmark K8-L7
Lane Dr F-14
Lang Dr J-13
Lantern Pkwy E-11
Larry Lee M-13
Larry Ln L-10
Laura Belle Dr F-14
Laurel L-14
Laurel Heights Blvd K-15
Laurel Way G-3, O-16
Laurelwood Dr D-10
Lawson G-12
Lazy Ln E-11
Leaning Tree Dr D-13
Lee D-3
Lee St F-11
Legion Dr K14-L15
Lehmann Dr H11-J12, J-11
Leland St F11-12
Leslie Dr E14-F15
Lessie Ln B-12
Leviticus Ln J-16
Lewis Av G-11
Lewis Av, N F12-G11
Lillian Dr M4-5, O8-9
Lime Creek E-8
Lincoln Av G-12
Linda Joy St G-14
Linn Rd E-4
Littlefield Dr C-1
Live Oak E-1
Live Oak E-5
Live Oak H-13
Live Oak Dr H-5
Live Oak Ln B-18
Liz Run N-6
Lloyd Dr F-14
Lockhaven Ln L-11
Locust St K-15
Lois St E9-G11
Loma Linda Dr J-12
Loma Vista K-12
Loma Vista S K-12
Loma Vuelta Rd M-12
Lone Oak A-17
Longhorn Tr A-7
Loop 13 H-12
Los Cedros Loop F-11
Lost Creek Rd A-16
Lost Valley D-18
Loudair Dr M-9
Louis D-3
Lower Turtle Creek Rd K1-2
Lower Turtle Creek Rd O4-7
Lowery St G-11
Lowrance Dr E14-F14
Loyal Valley Dr L-11
Lucille St G-11
Lucky Ridge G-14
Lucy Rd C-17
Lydick Ln K11-L11
Lytle St H14-J13

Mack Holliman Dr M13-14
Mackay Dr L-6
Madrona Dr L5-N6, N9-O10
Mae Dr F13-14
Mai Rd N2-O2
Mailbu Dr G-14
Main D3-E3
Main St G12-J13
Main St, W F10-G13
Manor Dr E10-F10
Maple E-5
Maple St K-15
Margaret G-9
Marion Dr F-14
Marshall Dr L4-M4, O-8
Mary Dr M-3
Mary Frances St H-14
Mary Louise G-9
Mathison St E-14
McAllen St E-10
McFarland St G-12
McNeil E-2
Meadow Ridge Dr D9-E9
Meadow View Ln K-14
Medina Hwy K-O12, M7-O2
Medio Vista Dr K11-12
Meeker Rd K14-L14
Memorial Blvd K13-L15
Meridian Blvd E-9
Mesa del Sol G-15
Mesa Park Dr K-14
Mesa Tr B-7
Mesa Vista Ln D15-E15
Mesquite L-15
Methodist Encampment Rd E10-F9
Michelle Dr J-14
Middle Forest Dr J-2
Middle Rd M-2
Mill Run D7-E7
Miller St G12-13
Milton St G10-11
Mimosa St G-12
Mineola C-3
Misty Ln D-6
Mockingbird Ln E10-1
Monroe Dr L10-11
Monroe Dr, S M-9
Monroe Dr, W L9-10
Monterey G-12
Moore D-2
Moore E-5
Moore St G-13
Morgan E-2
Morningside F-11
Morris Av E-11
Morrow St E-14
Mount Haven Dr A-11
Mountain Laurel D9-10
Mountain Laurel Tr C-13
Mountain Dr L9-M9
Mountain Ridge Spur L-9
Mountain Top Dr J-11
Mountain Top Dr N-3
Mulberry Rd G-9
Muleshoe Dr D-11
Mull Rd K6-L6
Mustang Tr A8-B8
Myrta St G13-H13
Nancy Beth St G14-H14
Naples Ln D9-E9
Native Oak E-1
Newton St F-13
Nichols L-14
Nimitz Rd C5-6
Nixon Ln L-4, M9-N9
Nora St M-14
North Campus J-13
North Cloud Rd B-6
North Loop A-16
North St H-13, J-14
Northwest Hills A11-12
Nugent St M-13

Oak Alley A18-D17
Oak Dr E-7
Oak Dr, N E7-E8
Oak Dr, S E7-8
Oak Hill Dr E-9
Oak Hollow Dr M13-M14
Oak Ln K11-L11
Oak Ridge D-1
Oak Ridge Dr K-10
Oak St H-13
Oak Valley Dr M-13
Oak Way G-3, O-16
Oak Wood Rd J2-K1
Oakland Hills Ln K13-L13
Oakleaf E2-3
Oakview Dr D4-E4
Oakwood D-1
Old 689 L14-M14
Old Harper Rd D-11
Old Ingram Loop E-2
Old Oaks F10-11
Olympia Dr M-14
Olympic Dr J-14
Omega Plaza E-1
Orange Circle G-9
Oriole Dr E-11
Ottilie Dr G-9
Overhead Dr M6-7, O-11
Overhill Dr E10-11
Overlook Dr K12-13
Ox Dr G-10
Oxford Pl G-3
Painted Rock D-5
Pal Dr N-3
Palmer St G-11
Palo Verde Dr K11-12
Panorama Dr E-11
Paradise H-3
Paragon Pl G-15
Park J-13
Park Ln H-12
Park Pl E-5
Park Tr D-12
Paschal St G-12
Paseo Encinal A-16
Patton Av F11-12
Peace L-8
Peach Av G-9
Pearl D-5
Pearl St G-12
Pecan E-5
Pecan St F-11
Pecan Way N-16
Peddler's Ln D-7
Peggy J-12
Pershing Av F11-12
Persimmon Dr G-9
Peterson Dr E13-F14
Peterson Farm Rd G3-4, N16-17
Pin Oak Way F-10
Pine E-5
Pine St L-15
Pinn Oak D-1
Pinnacle Club Dr G1-H1, N-15
Pinto Tr J-14
Plaza Dr G-10
Plaza Dr J-12
Pleasant View Rd D-17
Poco Vista Dr K-12
Point Ridge M-6
Pond Circle J-12
Poplar St K14-L15
Post Oak D-1
Powell St G-12
Powers Pl L-9
Prescott St G13-14
Presidio Dr A-12
Preston Tr L-13
Primrose H6-J6
Promised Ln J15-16

Quail Run E-11
Quail Valley L-11
Queens Ct N-3
Quinlin Creek Dr G-14
Quinlin St G13-H12

Rabbit Run E-8
Ranchero Rd K12-M8
Rancho Oaks K-11
Ranger Tr B-8
Rawson St J-13
Real Woods Ln M-7
Real, E M-3
Real, W M-2
Red Bud Canyon C-18
Red Bud LN F-11
Red Oak Dr D-4
Reed Ln J-2
Rees St G-10
Remschel G-13
Renee Ln C-16
Rhonda Dr N-3
Rhum Rd K6-L6
Richardson L-14
Ridge Crest Dr M-10
Ridge Dr F13-G13
Ridge Grove Rd L10-11
Ridge Hollow Ln M-10
Ridge Rd M11-N11
Ridgemont Dr F-9
Ridgerock Cove F-15
Ridgeway M-10
Ridgewood Ln M-13
Rim Rock Rd J12-K10
Rio Monte Dr K-14
Rio Robles Dr J-12
Rio Valle Dr J-12
Rio Vista Dr J-12
Ripplewood K-12
Rit Jons Dr M-14
River Front Dr E-5
River Oak Dr D-1
River Park Dr E-4
River Rd K3-K4
Riverhill Blvd M12-13
Riverhill Club Ln K13-L13
Riverside Dr L14-15
Riverview Rd E-4
Roadrunner O-5
Robertson Dr M-6
Robin Hill M-6
Robin Wood M-7, O-12
Robinson Av H-13
Rock Creek Dr L-13
Rock Creek Loop L-13
Rock Ridge Rd K-11
Rockwood Cir M-13
Rodeo Ln H-7
Rodriguez St G-12
Rogers Cir L-14
Roland Trail A7-8
Rolling Green L-13
Rose Marie G-9
Ross St H-13, H-14
Roundabout Ln O-5
Roundup Tr G-7
Rowland E4-F4
Roy St E14-F14
Royal Oak D-1
Royal Oaks Dr L-12
Ruth St G-11
Saddle Club Dr J1-2
Saddle Mountain Tr C-12
Saddlewood Blvd F8-H7
Sagebrush Dr D-5
Sam Houston A-12
San Jacinto Dr J14-15
San Marino Dr E-9
Sand Bend L-12
Sandlewood Ln E-4
Sandy Ln O-5
Scarlet Dr L-14
Scenic Hills Rd B15-16, B15-E16
Scenic Valley Rd B16-D16
Schmac E-2
Schreiner St G-12
Scott Rd M8-9
Scott St G-13
Scrub Oak D-1
Secluded Oaks Dr E-5
Second St H13-14
Secret Valley Rd K-11
Sendero Ridge Rd K-15
Serenity Ln O-2
Settlers Pkwy B-18
Seville N-3
Shadow Ridge M-10
Shady Dr, E G-11
Shady Dr, W G-11
Shalako Dr B-6
Shannon Ln L-11
Sheppard-Rees Rd H11-L5
Sherwood Ln D4-E4
Shin Oak Way B17-18
Shirley L-12
Short St H-13
Short Timber K-1
Sidney Baker South H12-J12
Sidney Baker St F15-H12
Sika Dr E-8
Silver Creek Dr M-6
Silver Oak D-1
Silver Saddle Dr D11-12
Simms H-3
Singing Wind Dr J14-K14
Sky Blue Dr J-14
Skye Dr L-6
Skyview Dr C4-E4
Sleepy Hollow Cir C-7
Sleepy Mtn Rd B-7
Smith Rd E-8
Smokey Mtn Dr H14-J14
Solomans Way J-16
South Loop A-16
South St J-13
South Trace K-11
Southway Dr K10-K11
Spanish Oak B-18
Spanish Oak E-1
Spanish Oak Dr H7-J7
Spanish Oak Ln D5-E4
Spanish Oak, N B-18
Spanish Oak, S B-18
Sparkman Dr M-6
Spence St G-11
Spicer, E L2-M2, N2-N3
Spicer, W M1-O2
Spike Dr F-13
Splitrock Rd H-3
Spring Mill M12-13
Spring Meadow N-5
Spring St H-13
Springbranch Dr G-8
Springwood Ln G-8
Spy Glass Cir J-11
St. Andrews Loop L-12
St. Mark Path K-8
St. Peter St H-13
Stablewood Dr G7-H7
Stacy Ln C15-16
Stadium Dr F14-G13
Star M-7
Starkey St G-11
Steepside Ln H-10
Stephanie Dr E9-F9
Stephen F. Austin Dr A-11
Stephen St F-11
Stone Oak D-1
Stone Ridge Cir M11-N11
Stone Ridge Dr M11-N11
Stoneledge Dr F-15
Stonewall St F11-G11
Stoney Brook Rd C12-15
Stringer Dr N-3
Sturges Plaza J-12
Sumak Dr D-5
Summer Loop E-9
Summit Crest Cir F-16
Summit Crest Dr F15-16
Summit Dr J-6
Summit Point F-15
Summit Ridge Dr F16-G15
Summit Spur F-15
Summit Top Dr F-16
Sun Haven L-5, 0-9
Sun View M-5, O-9
Sunny H-3
Sunrise N-7
Sunset F-9
Sunset Point D-18
Sunset, E F9-10
Sunset, N F-10
Sunset, W F-9
Surber St G-11
Susan Dr E-9
Sweetwater K-12
Swigert St G-12

Tall Timber K-1
Tanager St E-10
Tanglewood Ln C7-D6
Tanglewood Ln E-11
Taxiway Delta H-4
Taxiway Echo H-4
Teddy Bear Tr L-6
Temple St E-11
Tennis St F-14
Teri Ln M-10
Terminal Way H-4
Terrace Ln L-12
Terrell E-2
Texas Dr H-11
Third St H13-14
Thompson Dr F9-H12
Thunder Rd B-6
Thurman St F-14
Tierra Grande M-10
Timber Ln D5-E4
Timber Oak L-11
Timber Ridge Dr D9-E9
Timber Way E-10
Timber Wood Rd J-2
Tivy St H-13
Tomahawk Tr J-14
Town Creek Rd D11-F12
Trail Ridge Dr J-12
Trails End K-14
Trailwood Circle D-10
Travis St H14-J13
Tree Ln K-10
Trent Rd N-2
Trent Rd N N1-2
Trent Rd S N1-2
Troy M-6
Trull Dr K-14
Tucker M-15
Tuffy Ln E-5
Tumbleweed F9-10
Turkey Spur N-7
Turkey Valley A17-B17
Turnbury Cir M-13
Turner Ln K-4
Turner St. G-13
Turtle Creek Hill Rd N2-O2
Turtle Creek View N-2
Twombly Dr M-10

Upland Run M-6
Upper St F-12
Upper Turtle Creek Rd M1-O2
Ute L-4, N-8
Uvalde St E-11

Valencia Dr N-3
Valle Verde, N M-10
Valle Verde, S M-10
Valley Dr E-10
Valley Oaks M-4, O-8
Valley Ridge N-11
Valley View K-11
Valley View Dr, N J-11
Vantage Cir G-13
Vaughn B-12
Velma C2-D3
Venke Dr D9-E9
Vesper Dr E-10
Vickers Cir F-13
Vicksburg Av F-13
Victoria Dr L-6
Victory F-13
Victory Pkwy J16-K15
Villa Dr E-9
Village Dr D10-11
Vine St N L3-M4, N7-O8
Vine St S M-4
Virginia Dr F-10
Vista Dr K-12
Vista Ridge Dr F15-G15
Vista Way D-14
Waggoman Dr J-12
Wagon Trail A-17
Wallace St G-12
Walnut Rd M-5
Warbler Dr E-11
Ward St F-14
Washington E-3
Washington St G13-H13
Water St G11-J13
Water St, W F11-G11
Waterfront Dr M-14
Way Dr D2-3
Webb Av E-2
Webster St G-12
Wedgewood Ln D5-E5
Wendy Dr N-3
Wesley Dr H-11
West Bluff Dr D-9
West Lane D9-E10
West Ridge Circle D-10
West View D-17
Westchester M-13
Westcreek Rd N5-O6
Westcrest Dr D-9
Westminster St J13-14
Westway Dr K10-11
Westwood Ln D4-E4
Wharton Rd H2-K4
Whelan Dr K-14
Wheless Av G-13
Whipporwill E-11
Whisper Valley M6-N6
Whispering Oaks D3-E3
Whispering Oaks K-1
White Oak D-1
White Oak Rd A17-18
White Oak Rd M-9
White Wing N5-6
Whitetail Rd D-6
Wigwam Ln J-14
Wild Cherry L-10
Wild Rose M-6
Wild Timber Dr D4-E4
Wilderness Tr A-16
Wildflower Ln G-7
Wildwood Ln A-16
Wilke Ln J-9
Willow Ln E-3
Willow Way O-16
Windwood Oaks K-1
Windwood Rd K-1
Winged Foot Ln L-13
Winona C2-3
Wisteria Ln D-5
Wood Dr K-12
Wood Edge F-11
Wood Tr A8-B7
Woodridge J-2
Woodcreek Dr N-3
Woodcrest Dr F-11
Woodhill Rd L-11
Woodland D3-E3
Woodland J-2
Woodlawn Av G10-11
Woodside Dr H-14
Woodstone Dr E-9
Wren Rd D-8

Yavo C-3
Yorktown Bl F13-G13
Yucca F-

Zysco E-15